The Cardiff Wine Tasting Circle

About the CWTC

Who are we?

The Cardiff Wine Tasting Circle was started in February 2000 by a group of people who had a common interest in wine and who wanted to build on that interest.

Members come from a variety of backgrounds including the wine trade (see the committee page) but all of us have a common interest in or love of wine. The approach to wine tasting is non snobbish, as we take the view that wine is to be enjoyed.

In short Cardiff Wine Tasting Circle is a friendly group of people with a love of wine who wish to develop their interest in a relaxed atmosphere. Our many and varied speakers and tastings allow our members to explore the wine from many continents and countries.

What do we do?

Wine tastings, and other events, generally take place on the last Monday of the month with the exception of August and December, which have no events. Meetings are generally held in bars and restaurants so that those who want to can gather together for a convivial meal after the tasting.

The majority of our speakers come from the wine trade or are associated with it; sometimes the speaker may be the winemaker themselves. Tastings consist of six to eight wines, with the speaker discussing the wines with the members. Meetings can get quite lively...

Recent meetings have included speakers and tastings on: Champagne; Chile; the Loire; Italy; and New Zealand. We also have tastings of fortified wines such as port and sherry, with specialist speakers in their field. As a change we will sometimes have a meeting to compare wines of the same grape variety but from different countries and continents; or we taste a type of wine, such as dessert wines. See the events programme for more details.


A warm welcome is extended to all new members. Full details of how to join can be found on the membership page.